Music at Castlemaine Fringe 2009

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you can see that i'm starting to get fringe fever. it spreads through art fluids - that's what you get when you share glasses with fringers i suppose

Webmaster's Editorial
midnight Thursday 26th March 2009

hm hm. i'd like to call upon
the spirits
the souls
the kreechas and the kritters
the dancers and the dreamers
the lady of the park and all the trees that are tree
the deepest, darkest downs of the underest undergrounds
the crooners
the croakers
and all the invisible cloaks in the green room
the iridescent smokers of the sweat-lamp suns
the greasers of the paint
the painters of the grease
the adolescent secrets and the age-worn wisdom of the world

i call upon thee to unite with us in the spirit of the fringe
[well actually i mostly emailed]
and share with us nine days of passion, love, fun, angst, triumph, despair, nonchalance, craziness, undie-squirting humour, hilarity and debauchery, self-indulgence and ego, solitude and community, and even stuff just for the sake of itself.

i'd personally like to thank danni for her determination and triumph over so many obstacles - barb for her devotion to the fringe, which is unfailing - our housemates nick and james who have been so supportive - the fringe committee for showing their faith in us to exceed their expectations - leslie for inspiration and reality checks - all the lovely people in castlemaine who have welcomed me into their community. it's a lovely place to call my home :D

have a great fringe everybody, and keep updated with your daily fringe
scott sanders

Webmaster's Editorial
very early Thursday morning 26th March 2009

I'm typing in the date and I can't believe it's been five days since I lasted posted here. Time flies when you're having fringe, that's one thing for sure.
Another thing for sure is the astoundingly brilliant lineup of art and music we have coming in only TWO MORE DAYS
Sorry, got a little excited there. Or the craziness of Castlemaine has finally found a way in past my strong defences. And there's been no shortage of crazy around Castlemaine in recent times.
So what better time for a good ol' fashioned dose of fringe to clear the airways, suck the wax out of your limbs and bounce your brain with a pilates ring?
ps also good for chilblains
But where was I? Oh yes, the wide wide world of web. Two new bits in particular (which you can't help but have noticed):
The final lineup for the April Fool's Fringe Festacular has been released and it's a corker folks. I posted the times but there's no point really cos everyone will be either glued to their seats or busted on the dance floor for the whole night

A new bit I like to call your daily fringe - keep your eyes peeled on this bit for your daily record and up-to-the minute breaking fringe news. And a weather watch, thanks to our friends down at the bureau.
Of meteorology, that is.

Alright it's time
that all young fringers
were well and truly tuckedsies
snugly into bedskies
so I'm offskies tabedskies
auf wiedersehenskies

Scott Sanders

Webmaster's Editorial
Saturday 21st March 2009

Hi again :D Less than a week to go and everyone's really excited. It's interesting how events like these seem to take on their own momentum once set in place.

And it's never too late to let us know of any event you would like to hold - it's never too late to be part of the fringe. fringers tend to do their best work at the last minute, anyway :p

Keep getting those images to me - you don't even need to be an artist to get your photo up on the site. There'll be gallery during the festival of cool pictures and i don't want to have to take them all myself...
it all kicks off with the CASPA launch at 6pm on friday night featuring kes on music duty and YOU on audience duty
then we head out to the five flags for part one of Battle of the Planets. Earplugs available but you have to prove how soft you really are before purchase.

The April Fools Fringe Festaular line up is due to be announced any day now. The squirrels have been cracking nuts day and night to get this show nice and crunchy for you. Watch this space for updates as they happen, folks.
But I can tell you that we have around 14 acts: choral puppetry film rock folk comedy
You'd be mad and I'd be mad with you if you missed it so make sure you don't miss the hugest event on the fringe calendar since betty back in the fifties (and betty was pretty big back then)

see you around the traps

Scott Sanders

Webmaster's Editorial
Sunday 8th March 2009

Hi everyone! The festival is getting close and we're all very excited about the programme, it's a fantastic showcase of talent from the thriving arts in and around Castlemaine.
This site will be continually developed leading up to and throughout the festival - you can keep me informed by email

Apologies to those without broadband internet - I'll continue making it more accessible to you over the next week or so.
The next update will contain a listing of all the artists exhibiting throughout the festival, with images and links like the music page.
Catch you at the programme launch - Bridge Hotel Walker St Castlemaine - Sun 8th March from 6pm

Scott Sanders