Exhibitions at Castlemaine Fringe 2009

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Tonksculpture Prize 2009

Lot 19

Tonks Hardware and the Fringe Thing Inc presents the biennial
An eclectic menagerie of polymorphic constructions made from materials that may have come from a hardware store but have since been liberated from the constraints of functionality.
Open categories on display at Lot 19
Junior categories on display at Old Castlemaine Gaol

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Future Sailors

Old Castlemaine Gaol

Highlighting a unique first time partnership between the Castlemaine State Festival and the Castlemaine Fringe Festival, Future Sailors explores emerging artists visions for our future.
Featuring urban and rural based artists employing a variety of media and techniques, this exhibition delves into the distantly hopeful yet often disturbing realms of apocalypse, evolution, faerie tale, time construct and dream.
Featuring: Nick Nicholl, Scott Sanders, Dotahn Caspi, Emmily Caspi, Alana Degen, Fuzz Guzzardi, Mick Pratt, Niccolo Palandri, Danarchy Grimes, Reece Newling, Steven Hughes.



An exhibition of 2D and 3D artworks by
Lesley Little, Miranda Watts and Rex Watts.


Stoneman's Bookroom Cellar

The Art of Death

Curated by Ben Laycock and Di Thompson
in the old cellar under Stonemans Bookroom.

...at the bottom of the garden

11 Rowe St Castlemaine

Come and relax with a cup of tea whilst you enjoy this marvellous display of craftsmanship in the serenity of one of Castlemaine's oldest and most established gardens.
Featuring Lisa Honeychurch, David Pratt, Michael Pratt, Patrick Pratt, Elizabeth Shaw, Brianna Hurley-Shaw, Sue D.
Official opening by the mayor of Clinkers Hill!
4pm Saturday 28th March.

Leslie Thornton
Jim Rowe

10 Rowe St Castlemaine

Leslie Thornton: Open Studio
Jim Rowe: Bronze Sculptures
Official opening by the mayor of Clinkers Hill!
4pm Saturday 28th March.


Newstead Pocket Gallery

Found is an exhibition that invites its audience to imagine the stories that lie behind the images of unknown families and obscure events, Australia in the 1950s, private school regattas, sunny days in unknown places, a horse that won a few races, and discarded press releases found at op shops, garage sales, roadsides, rubbish bins and hidden in second hand books.
The new owners of these photographs often know little to nothing about them but what they are able to glean from details, or wildly imagine.
This exhibition also acts as a lost property area, in that viewers may bring their own knowledge to identify people, events, or places in these found photos.
for more information call 0437 074 326


ANZ Castlemaine

An exhibition of drawings by Jan Palethorpe

Artspace 2009

8 Simpson St Campbells Creek

Macoolama Studio features dynamic works in three studios and sculpture gardens. Come and enjoy an outstanding display of works by Peggy Shaw, Kristina Browning, Sonia Browning, Glenn White, Brian McCormic, Julia Shaw, Carol Degraauw and Cameron Wilson.
Meet the artists! Saturday 28th March

Antares Art Farm

6 Brandt Rd Newstead

Sculpture by Roger McKindley.

Tasha Blackfish and Dale Mandrake

209 Barker St Castlemaine

A mixed media exhibition, including lino-prints, drawing and collage.
'Our work is informed by how we see ourselves interacting within the space that we occupy.'

Jinari Lee Mountain

Doveton Corner Store

Large Acrylics and mixed media on canvas and ply.
Drawings, photography, clothing, cards, posters, small sculptures exploring myth, (mis)meaning, culture and diversion.

Castlemaine Artist Co-op

247 Barker St Castlemaine

This exciting new group of local artists working in glass, stone, wire, steel, silk and many other media have got together for an eclectic exhibition.

The Willow Pattern Revisited

Castlemaine Railway Station

A reinterpretation of the images and legends by five local artists: Carol Degaauw, Tess Chandler, Sarah Fowler, Dagmar McNamara, Lorena Carrington. Textiles. Ceramics. Photography. Gold and Silversmithing. Mixed Media.

The U.M den
of Dr Hyde

CASPA back room

Get a glimpse into one of Castlemaine's most creative and magical minds in what is promised to be a brilliant installation of retrospective artistic backlog.

'Decorate-a-bra' Competition


Come and behold some of the most memorable bras every to exist in this amazing exhibition. The display is some of the best of 628 bras that were submitted in an outstanding effort to raise money for Cancer.

Castlemaine S.C. (Senior Steiner Stream)
Poetry Trail

start at
the Market Building
or Theatre Royal

These blooming young lyrical jamsters have created a poetry trail. Pick up a map at The Market Building or The Theatre Royal to follow the trail of poems in and about particular spaces in Castlemaine's CBD.

Ben Laycock
Open Studio


Ben Laycock opens his studio to the public for a glimpse behind (under?) one of Castlemaine's local living legends.