Theatre at Castlemaine Fringe 2009

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Anglican Church Hall

At 7 pm on both the evenings of Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March
the Anglican Church Hall, Mostyn St Castlemaine
will be transformed by a variety of Victorian artists and performers.
The central experience will be a A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME
presented by BATHING IN THE DARK theatre company
a play written by Cath McKinnon and directed by Kelly Effenberg.
Set on a chessboard, a story told through a red dress, a white dress, and a black dress.
The hall will be host to exhibitions

photographic works by Ross Allengame
utilising infrared exposures
to illustrate both landscapes and nudes.
The program begins with

a local drama group of varying abilities
Castlemaine filmmaker JIM COAD
follows up next
taking us on a short journey
before interval.
The troubled lives of two women will be played out before you.
Covering two time periods
one modern, one past, the passions of love, lust, and murder are evoked.
Visual arts by Bree Johnson
her niece Marissa Johnson

year 8 Bridghe Kennedy
their dance piece explores themes

of dreams

and nightmares.

will then present
short scenes of personal stories
directed by Sky Lilly Simpson
The cast are mix of three young drama students, and three older women
showing their hand at acting
(including the director).
During the two gala nights lighting and projections will set the scene.
photography by year 12 Yolanda

and established visual artist Andrea Robson working in painting and collage.

The venue will be open throughout the festival for viewings.
these touch on elements of comedy
to lighten the mood.
Bendigo band MOONDOGS
closes the night on the Saturday
a bunch of aging-well bluegrass hicks.
On the Sunday at 9pm a guest Dj set by urban HARLEQUIN
playing a flurry of tunes to tie the many moods of the weekend together.

Commedia dell'Arte
Castlemaine Secondary College
Senior Campus Drama

Wesley Hill Market

a form of improvisational theatre that began in Italy in the 16th century

Roving Acts of Random Raving

You never know

A long-standing Fringe event; where anyone who hasn't been assed to actually organise anything formally creative has licence to perform, sing, rave, exhibit, sculpt dance...under the Fringe Banner, as the urge takes them, for the duration of the festival.
Past Random Acts have included: Nude Motorcycle Peace Riding and Orations in IGA.