The Summer of the 117th Blowfly

Insects and other small creatures

Dr Sally Berridge

Watercolours/wood blocks

‘They are the little things that let the big things happen.’

Dr Jess Marsh, ecologist.

Opening Friday April 2

at 3 o’clock

Closing Sunday April 25

Last year I heard that about 40% of the world’s
insects have become extinct. This is a horrifying
statistic. Whether we like them or not, our lives
depend on insects.
After a summer of bad flyscreesn, I came up with a
Flyaspora of celebrity art blowflies. I have painted
blowfly outlines with images from famous paintings:
high value images have been superimposed on
a creature that most people despise and find
disposable. I have also used gold paint on other
objects to suggest that they are precious.

Sally Berridge 0416 044 442