‘long ago’

Paintings by Arkeria Rose Armstrong

Arkeria was born in Ceduna, on the edge of the Nallabor plain, and travelled the length and breadth of the country with her prospecting parents, eventually settling down in Bendigo and starting a family of her own with husband Chris.
They now live in Castlemaine.
Arkeria also exhibits her work in Kununarra and Amsterdam.
l would also like to suggest a couple of small changes to your statement:
The show is called Yilambu. I am a Gamilaraay woman. In our language Yilambu means ‘long ago’. Gamilaraay country is in North central N.S.W.
l  want to share my culture through art.
The exhibition shows a range of acrylic on canvas pieces that explores the themes of Country, Identity and Relationships.
My painting style has been developed through learning from both my maternal grandmother (Gamilarry) and paternal grandfather. (Yorta Yorta) They both used different styles for creating art from a traditional perspective. It is with the roots of understanding culture that I now move to tell my story in a contemporary style. It is my connection and feelings that are intertwined with stories that can be seen within the lines, strokes and dots layered on the canvas. 
Each piece tells a different story with a range of themes. I hope that people can see how showing culture through art is a healing force that connects past and present. 

-till Sunday 28th February

Arkeria will be at the gallery on Tuesdays,

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Arkeria at work
Arkeria Rose Armstrong
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