Hive of Hermits

Oli Dunlop  ‘CriticalMassAppeal #13’  Collage  3×3.5m  2020

The annual Caspa group show

Featuring the artists who inhabit the studios here at Caspa:

Pie Rankin Kerri Michael Djon Serpent

Ben Laycock Candy Stevens Oli Dunlop

Miranda Watts Bianca Clifford

Polar Attack Miranda Watts
‘Tongue Beats Where Tooth Hurts’
Bianca Clifford
Untitled Kerri Michael
‘River Bend’ Ben Laycock
‘Rug’ Pie Rankin
‘Dream catcher’ Djon Serpent
‘What’s for Dinner?’ Candy Stevens

Open every day from 10 – 5

closing on Sunday March 28