Recent Works by Ben Laycock

Exhibition opening Friday 4 November 6-8 pm

Exhibition  dates: 4-27 November

“The sky always suggests freedom to me” –Laurie Anderson

The land changes by the season

The sea changes with the tide

But the sky changes in front of our very eyes.

After ceaseless wandering back and forth across this vast continent l have found it to be very dry and very flat. So l have taken a leaf from the book of aboriginal art and like to paint from a bird’s eye view. Just like them, l don’t need an airoplane. I become an eagle and see the land from my minds eye, and what l see is a land etched and scoured and leveled by water in its endless quest to find the sea before being sucked back up to into the sky. A quest that so often ends in futility far from the shores of any ocean. Water flows downhill, but what if there are no hills? The river becomes lost and disoriented, like a blind man in the dark; wandering aimlessly, becoming weaker by the day, till it just curls up in the feotal position and fades away to nothing, leaving nothing behind but a patch cracked mud.

The Walmajari people of the Western Desert have no word for river because for thousands of years none had ever seen one.