Rius Carson, Birds and Fish, another Chonkist idiom

Opening Friday 5 July 6-8 pm

Exhibition dates: 5-28 July

An exhibition of recent paintings and sculptures created over the past two years. Rius Carson lives in central Victoria near Eppalock.

This exhibition shows a variety of sculptural work on a common theme and aesthetic that Rius has developed over the past 25 years of his artistic practice – chonkism.

His sculptures are all carved using a chainsaw, then sanded and some painted. The forms are abstracted depictions of birds, the human form and fish. Rius is greatly influenced by first nation indigenous art movements from across the world, especially Australian aboriginal art, contextualized and re invented through inner creative posses, intertwining sense of spirituality with shape, form and iconography to create a unique aesthetic that speaks of Australia.

The paintings explore creativity through the random process of chonkism.
Starting off haphazard and undefined then working through many layers of paint, glitter, feeling, thought, fun, angst, confusion, disillusionment, spiritualism to finally come to a resolution that in some way reflects some of the complexities of life we all exist in.