Exhibit at Caspa

If you would like to apply for a show at our gallery, please email me:


Send some images of your work and anything else you think would be relevant.

Please include a phone number so l can ring you up and ask you difficult questions.

We only have 12 shows a year.

We do this so our shows open on exactly the same day every month:

The first Friday of the month at 6 o’clock, as regular as clockwork,

and close on the same day of the month: The last Sunday .(this is not set in stone)

This is so forgetful people don’t forget to come to the openings,

and even more forgetful people don’t miss the show entirely.

CASPA is full up this year due to overwhelming demand for our product. 

You might get a spot next year if you hurry up.

Caspa accepts proposals from emerging and established artists, curators, collectives and organisations to exhibit.  We  accept applications from local, interstate and international practitioners, and it can be for solo or curated group exhibitions. We accept proposals from any field of practice in the visual arts, new media, sound art, performance and craft.

Don’t worry, no proposal is too whacky for us, we have seen them all, but be warned we are quite prejudiced against traditional art forms, like anything before modernism, especially those rather twee depictions of quaint English cottages in bucolic surroundings. Ugh, God forbid!

So don’t go getting all upset if we tell you your work is a tad old fashioned, OK!

The current cost of exhibiting is $300 flat rate.   This includes:

  • an exhibition for an entire month,
  • a mail out to an ever-expanding list of art connoisseurs of the highest calibre, with limitless credit cards. A listing on the Castlemaine Cultural Calendar – 3,000 subscribers and counting.
  • (very few of whom seem to even check their emails, let alone read them. let alone put their favourite shows in their bloody calendar, for God’s sake!
  • But what can you do? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it think! )
  • A loyal troupe of dedicated fans, who will attend openings religiously, asking for nothing more than a sip or two of the finest champagne the world has to offer.
  • assistance on the opening night (see above)

Exhibitions are open from 10ish till 5ish every day of the year, year-in-year-out, except Febraury 29th – our day off. 

  We do not invigilate* the shows, but you can if you want. We open and close the gallery on weekdays and the artist does it on weekends. 

CASPA takes no commission from the sale of any artworks because we don’t sell the art,

you must do that yourself, but hey, YOU get all the lovely money.

*a fancy word for ‘mind’