About Caspa

The Caspa Collective* is made up of an unquantifiable number of faux-artists, pseudo-artists, wanna-be artists, general hangers-on and authentic artists of all shapes and sizes, we lack only celebrity artists. We love to work together in harmony and separately without harmony, towards an as yet undefined common goal that can loosely described as somewhere between the parameters of universal peace and total world domination.

Of course we strive to be inclusive above all else, so naturally we have our fair share of no-good-nicks, ne’er-do-wells, lay-abouts, scroungers and other such dubious characters lurking about at odd hours of the day and night. It comes with the territory. Oh… and we have our own tame musician who claims he does not fit into any of the above categories, although we all know he would like to be an artist if it was not beyond the capacity of even the most accomplished musician.

We have a rabbit warren of studios inhabited by a colourful mix of people who like to call themselves ‘artists’ in the broadest possible sense, representing a cross section of genres, from puppeteers to projection artists, plus everything in between, including an origami artist, no less.

We have a strict policy that every artist at Caspa must be a demon worker, and not fritter away their time day-dreaming, but use their allotted space productively, but obviously this policy is not enforced. We rely on the weight of opprobrium to coerce the resident artists to do-the-right-thing! This strategy has also failed miserably, but what can we do? Life must go on.

We also have a state-of-the-art, uber-contemporary, possibly ‘post-contemporary’ gallery to show-off the results of our prodigious work ethic.

* We are not technically a collective, it just sounds good. If a pigeon hole is required for the pedantic (there is always one, isn’t there?), l guess we could best be described as a benevolent Oligarchy.

BenBoyang – Official Publicist

If you are looking for more soecific information without the snide remarks,

you should keep reading.

We are Non Profit – Artist Run Spacen (NoP-ARSe)

There are no paid positions, it is run voluntarily

We employ one gallerist – part-time, plus 1 occasional consultant.

We charge a flat fee of $300 per show

We have one show per month, for 4 weeks

We don’t take a commision because we don’t sell the art,

the artist must sell their own art

We don’t invigilate the shows, the artist can do that if they so desire

The artists are not bound by a contract,

so they can sell in other places as well, if they so choose.


Gallerist     – Ben Laycock

Consultant – Jacinta Walsh





CASPA is full up this year due to overwhelming demand for our product. 

You might get a spot next year if you hurry up.

Caspa accepts proposals from emerging and established artists, curators, collectives and organisations to exhibit.  CASPA  accepts applications from local, interstate and international practitioners, and it can be for solo or curated group exhibitions. We accept proposals from any field of practice in the visual arts, new media, sound art, performance and craft.

No proposal is too whacky for us. We have seen them all, but be warned we are quite prejudiced against traditional art forms, like anything before modernism, so don’t go getting all upset if we tell you your work is a tad old fashioned, OK!

Exhibition and Support

The current cost of exhibiting is $300 per month.   This includes:

  • an exhibition for an entire month,
  • a mail out to an ever-expanding list of art connoisseurs of the highest calibre, with limitless credit cards
  • A loyal troupe of dedicated fans, who will attend openings religiously, asking for nothing more than a sip or two of the finest champagne the world has to offer.
  • assistance on the opening night (see above)

Exhibitions are open from 10ish till 5ish every day of the fucking year except Febraury 29th – our day off. 

  It is up to the artist to open the gallery on weekends.  Openings are the first Friday of the month 6-8 pm.

As a not-for-profit organisation, CASPA takes no commission from the sale of any artworks.

Artists need to sign an agreement and pay the fee a month in advance of the exhibition.  All walls are to be returned to their original condition and the key returned.

Installation and De-Installation

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the physical spaces of the gallery prior to applying.

Installation can take place three days prior to the exhibition (on Monday and Tuesday). Basic tools are provided by CASPA, but artists should source any specific hanging requirements.

Please note that works will need to be carried up one flight of wooden stairs.  There is no lift.

Exhibition deinstallation takes place after 5 pm on the final Sunday.  CASPA has no storage space so all works need to be collected.

All walls are to be returned to their original state, holes filled and painted over with material supplied.

Gallery Floor Plans

Caspa is located on Level 1 of 101 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine, above Stonemans Bookshop.  The floor is timber and the walls a mix of plasterboard, Masonite and brick.  It is vital that you visit the space prior to applying for an exhibition.

How to apply

CASPA Exhibition Application 2022

Please download the file above.

Applications for 2022 will be open in June 2021 and be reviewed in November 2021. You will be notified in December.

More Information

If you would like more information please contact Ben on 0401 338 284 or ben.laycock@realhub.net.au or Pie Rankine on 0400 114 213 or  pieumarankine@gmail.com

If you would like to volunteer at Caspa please contact Ben or Pie on the numbers above.