Caspa Residents

At Caspa we have several artists who have studio space.

Ben Laycock

Ben established Caspa in 2005 with fellow artist, Jan Palethorpe.

Jan has since become distracted by her blossoming music career

Ben paints landscapes, mainly bird’s eye views of rivers

Maybe it is time for Ben to move on to something else

(Mud)Pie Rankine

Textiles Ceramics

Jacinta Walsh

Jacinta is studying at La Trobe Bendigo and would like

continue doing so into her dotage

She has already learnt Printmaking, Pottery, Film, Sculpture, Textiles and Drawing Now she is doing Painting.

Jacinta aims to leave college with a broad range of skills

Candy Stevens

Painting Sculpture Installation

Artwork exploring post-colonial identity and landscape

Candy was obsesed with sheep for a while, then it was cows, then it was grass. Now she is making humpies out of cereal boxes and the like. Candy is a highly motivated artists who is always making things.

Contact candy on:

Miranda Watts

Miranda is a painter and collage artist. Miranda is rarely seen at Caspa as she prefers to work at home for some reason

She can be contacted at

Djonn Serpent (Mr. Snake)

l suspect Djonn is a Satan worshiper, but don’t quote me on that

Kerri Michael

Kerri is a novice acolyte at Caspa who inhabits ‘The Dungeon’

a tiny studio without windows. (but it does have an electric light)

Bianca Clifford

Bianca does photography l don’t know any of her obsessions so l can’t make fun of her….yet

Justin Marshall

Justin does some sort of music thingy….l think.