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It all began with Fringe..

From long-time Castlemaine Fringe Festival committee member/former organiser Scott Sanders:

This is what I know. Please add to this as we go in the comments section. Or correct me, or course.

Fringe started in 1992 when a group of local artists, frustrated at the lack of recognition of the talent in the area, decided to launch a biennial local arts festival alongside the more mainstream Castlemaine State Festival.

The Castlemaine Fringe became an integrated part of festival season in Castlemaine, every second autumn.

I don’t know what the themes were in the years prior to being involved myself – if you know any themes from previous festivals, please add them in the comments section!

Since I’ve been involved in 2008, we’ve seen hundreds of performers, artists and volunteers participate in this celebration of local art. And the Fringe Thing Inc. itself has grown to incorporate and facilitate other great projects, apart from the Fringe festival itself.

– Scott Sanders

(The Fringe Thing Inc. is now MAAC)


Let’s build up a history of the Fringe right here in the comments section!

Tell us your story of the Fringe over the last twenty-odd years